Snowmageddon 2016, or My Kids Are So Cold

Snow Day 33A few weeks ago we got 3 inches of snow and the kids were off of school for two days.  I know, ridiculous, but…country roads and all of that.Snow Day 7Anyway, the fun thing about our snow days this year is that my kids have never had one before.  They have heard about it or read about it, (we have a Christmas book called The Snow Day Boys that we love), but never experienced it for themselves.  And regardless of whether I thought it was an overreaction or not, there is still nothing like waking up in the morning, seeing your yard lightly blanketed in white, and being able to remain in your pajamas and the warmth of your home.  That is, until you bundle up to venture on out into it all.Snow Day 4Snow Day 2Snow Day 6Since this was our first round of snow for the year, we were initially unprepared.  Jayce is wearing tennis shoes in these pictures, so that will give you some indication of how long he lasted.  Hannah was wearing boots, but not snow boots.  She had flimsy gloves on.  Also it was like 17 degrees out, which is much colder than the kids had ever experienced before.  It only got down into the 30s in London and even that was very rare.  Needless to say the snow play was short-lived that day, but they gave it a good shot!Snow Day 23Snow Day 9Also, in addition to not having appropriate snow gear we didn’t have a sled, so the kids attempted the hills behind and beside our house on storage tub lids, which we have plenty of!  They were, as you might guess, adequate but not good.  But they were better than nothing.

Snow Day 33Snow Day 32Snow Day 31Snow Day 24Snow Day 25Snow Day 11Snow Day 14 The following week was when Snowmageddon arrived, and we were ready this time with snow boots and sleds.  Some parts of Kentucky got over a foot of snow, we got 3 inches again.  There was just enough to sled on, particularly with some non-stick spray applied to the bottom of the sleds, and it was far superior than sledding on storage lids. 🙂

Snow Day 18Snow Day 19

Snow Day 20Snow Day 21

No real story behind all of this, just pictures of those who ventured out into it.  🙂Snow Day 22