So Much to Say So Much to Say…

Today I have a lot to say, but just don’t feel like writing.  So I’ll let Google images assist in sharing my sentiments.

As of today, we leave for Germany in exactly 2 weeks.  If you missed my shameless bragging/freaking out, you can find out more information about why we’re going here.


A week later, we will be back in glorious Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland 

That is, if this


doesn’t cause this


which is starting to make me panic just a little bit.

I am so very excited about our trip, but am already a little bit panicked about leaving this guy,


for an incredibly long 10 day stretch.  The longest ever for us, by over a week.  And just to add insult to injury, I will be away from him during this.


Last year for Mother’s day weekend we were at my mom’s house.  It was so great to see her, but since driving home from their house took all day (literally, like 11 hours), we arrived home exhausted, it wasn’t really the “celebration of mom” sort of experience for me.  When I mentioned to Chris that this trip was over Mother’s Day weekend, the conversation went a bit like this.

“Erin, he’s not going to know the difference.”

I’m not worried about him knowing the difference, I’m going to know!”

“Well, you’ll be doing other fun things.”

I’m not worried about not having fun, I’ll just be really sad to be away from Jayce, especially on Mother’s Day!  Just say, ‘It’s sad that  you’ll be away from Jayce on Mother’s Day’.”

“It’s sad that you’ll be away from Jayce on Mother’s Day.”

Maybe I’ll just drown my sorrow in a bit of this

AppleStrudel_Berghoff325or this.


Yeah, I’ll definitely do that.

4 thoughts on “So Much to Say So Much to Say…

  1. OR you can use some tunnocks tea cakes, mama's pizza and some green and blacks dark chocolate to help drown your sorrows too. I know it will be hard to be away from him! Just enjoy your visit none the less and know he's waiting at home for you!

  2. Enjoy the time with your husband…Jayce will be fine and in good hands. Think of it this way, that time spent away will strengthen your bond with Chris and help you enjoy your homecoming to Jayce that much more.

    Safe travels!

  3. Enjoy your trip, the little guy will love his time with his family. 🙂

    I spent a weekend in Edinburgh last summer and I think it's one of the most wonderful places on this earth, I would literally move there if I could. I'm a little jealous!

  4. i love the conversation b/w you and chris. we often have close-to-identical ones in our home! and yes, it WILL be sad to be away from him on mother's day. very sad.
    but do what we do on most holidays (b/c i like our own celebration to be the first one recognized by our children, possibly a selfish gesture).
    declare one day next week to be mother's day in YOUR house! (=

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