So This is What They Mean by Fine Motor Gross Skills

As I’m sure most parents can agree, we become more enamored with our child every day. We regularly marvel at the funny, sassy or just plain cute things that he does on a daily basis. But

most recently what we’ve become most aware of is how smart he is.

Since we were gone for a few weeks on vacation, it’s been easy to see just how much Jayce has changed while we were away. There are several toys that he plays with differently now than before, and it just makes us so aware of how quickly he is growing and learning.

Last week Jayce was playing with his little wooden train, mostly just pushing it around and turning on the bell. But mom showed him how to thread the blocks onto the posts and he was able to do it almost immediately. I was kind of surprised by this since the holes are pretty small, but if the blocks didn’t fit right away, he would just switch hands or turn them around a few times until he got just the right angle, and they slid on.

That same day Jayce sat on Chris’ lap with one of his books, and as he flipped through the pages he went, “Dad! Da! Dad! Agh! Da!” Though I read to him pretty regularly, it was the first time I’ve seen him read to us, as he seemed to think he was doing.

He previously hated to have any of the little people in his toy bus and would smack them out whenever I had put them away. Last week he started taking them out one at a time and standing them up next to the bus in a line.

This morning he went over to a dump truck full of legos and fished out a few shapes that belong to a different toy set, and took them over and put them in the bowl that corresponds with that set. I don’t normally keep the toys separated like this, (really who has time to put everything back together every time that they clean up?), so I was surprised that he knew exactly where they belonged.

I guess this is one of those instances where I don’t necessarily have a story to tell, but just a few moments that I want to remember. I’m finding myself just watching Jayce as he roams about, playing and doing his thing, and I just want to dig my heels in as this baby is becoming a bright little boy right before my eyes.

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