Some Fun Around Our House

I feel like I’ve been blogging a lot about some of the fun things that we have going on around here in the past few weeks.  But it’s good to have fun news, right?

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I know I have already discussed Chris receiving the Templeton Award and how excited we are about it.  We still feel overwhelmed by it all, since we are from a small school and Chris is currently teaching at a small school.  But since the 2010 award winners were recently “officially” announced on the John Templeton Foundation website, there have been several articles published about Chris that I just had to take note of via my online scrapbook blog.  The listing on the award website is here.  An article about Chris was featured in both of the local newspapers such as the Lincoln Daily News here, and the Lincoln Courier here.  Brill, the publisher of the book that won the award, posted a notice in their Awards Overview here, as did the publishers of his upcoming book, T & T Clark, on their blog here.  Edinburgh’s Divinity School, New College, posted an announcement of Chris’ award here and here.  And perhaps most importantly, there is the announcement that I made on our blog when we first found out, here.  We now have less than 2 months until our big trip, which we try not to talk about every single day if we can help it. 🙂

For me, it is no secret that I have recently joined a brand new collaborative blog, Lemon Tree Creations.  We have had a fun week reading the sweet comments left by people who stopped by to check out our work, and have been feeling really pleased with the way that things are going.  But yesterday morning, we were shocked to discover that Today’s Creative Blog, a really big creative blog, had done a whole feature on our site.  Check it out here.  I am so excited to get such great publicity from such a well respected blog, and Kim, the author, was incredibly kind to us.

As to Jayce, well, what isn’t fun about 22 month old kids?  He is full of personality, energy, and enthusiasm. 

A few weeks ago I was wearing an American Eagle sweatshirt with some big letters on it.  While I was changing him that day, he pointed to the letters on my shirt, so I started telling him the different letters, and he started immediately parroting me.  This awareness of letters has opened up a whole new world to him, and he is now constantly finding letters on the tv, on books, on clothing, on everything and announcing all along, “A! E! O! H!”  Since he is still not talking a ton, this has been kind of a delight for Chris and I. 
Just a few little tidbits that I had to make a note of to remember. 

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  1. My son used to do that. Now he tells ME how to spell things. And when I try to spell with him he tells me to shut up and listen to him xD

  2. Oh wow! That feature is really awesome!! You must be on cloud 9. You ARE a treasure blog to find! 🙂

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