Sometimes it Does Not Pay to Improvise

I am probably not alone in saying that, when I try something new and it goes well, it bumps up my self-esteem in that area a little bit and I am tempted to try out something slightly more daring. But just slightly. Last month, after having some success with Christmas cookies, I saw these amazing-looking hot chocolate on a stick cubes here (pictured below), and I had to try it.


I had been planning to make these for over a week, and was happily melting a bunch of dark Ghirardelli chocolate when I realized that I don’t even have an ice cube tray. So much for my planning ahead skills. I started rummaging around looking for alternatives, and discovered that I did have some popsicle molds. Since I needed to make the most of naptime and the already melted chocolate, I decided to make good use of them.


Two turned out really well,


and the other two didn’t. I had been planning on giving these out as a few gifts, but who wants to receive chocolate on the end of a broken spoon?


Or with a broken spoon included?


Here is yet another failed idea. Hey, maybe these votive holders would work! No, they did not. The spoon came out, the chocolate stayed in, and the votive holders and I all frowned.


Then I remembered that I did have an ice cube tray. Instead of giving hot chocolate on a stick, I gave out my love in the form of hot chocolate cubes (See how I spun that? Clever clever). And my friends still graciously accepted them.


And I added “ice cube tray” to my grocery list. Though the heart molds would have been perfect for Valentines Day. I’ll keep that in mind.

Also, don’t worry about my fallen friends, the broken spoon sticks. Chris and I put them to good use ourselves, and they still turned into good creamy cups of cocoa with little bits of chocolate covering the top of the mug. It certainly was still a worthwhile project, even though it didn’t go as planned.

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  1. what a great post! hilarious. i love the little chocolate hearts. the broken spoons stuck in the chocolate cracked me up. totally something that would happen to me. glad it all worked out and you made the most of it. good for you! : )

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