Sometimes We Take Christmas Pictures

One of the reasons I was itching to get my hands on a better camera this time last year was so that I could take Christmas-y pictures of Jayce. My other camera literally would not let me do what I wanted, since it couldn’t focus unless I was 3+ feet away, and not using a flash with a wiggly 7 month old made for super blurry shots. But this year I have my camera, have been learning about it for almost a year now, and sometimes my pictures look like this.



Sometimes I get the lighting and the softness perfectly.



And sometimes I catch the personality, curiosity, and cheek plumpness dead on.



Merry Christmas from our little model, who ate more glitter while I was taking these photos than I care to admit.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes We Take Christmas Pictures

  1. Totally worth the big price tag to get shots like that. How adorable! Great job. All your work to learn how to use your new camera has totally paid off. And, glitter isn't that bad for kids, right? It will make for some sparkly diapers. 🙂 Also, if I ever take the plunge for that digital SLR, I'm counting on some Erin tutorials.

  2. Hey, Erin. Gorgeous pictures as usual! I have been wondering what kind of camera you do use? I have had mine for awhile now and still haven't really figured out how to do anything with it. I have a book to read about it and stuff but haven't made time for it yet. One of these days…

    That is funny about that sweater. I know Quint Kuhl has it too! It was seriously too cute to resist! I love it!

    Oh, you should definitely get a sewing machine! : ) Mine was only $90 and the original one I wanted is only $80 and comes w/ an instructional DVD!

  3. So that must be the most popular sweater of the season! So many of my friends have it and it looks good on every single little boy! Your pictures are great, but it helps when you have an adorable subject!!!

  4. Your pics are great!! I am shopping for a new camera and would love a recommendation on one. I have been searching for weeks and can't decide. Now I am starting to panick that Christmas is next week and I don't have one!!

  5. I predict an amazing Christmas card. You have plenty to pick from. He is so precious Erin….so very precious. I think we should do a photo shoot with our 2 little guys. Jayce and Eli: A friendship waiting to happen. Just have to learn to play together, rather than next to each other.

  6. Hey guys, thanks a lot for the comments! We ended up getting the Canon EOS Rebel XSi, and I love it! I have no experience with a DSLR so have been completely self-taught(ish), other than the ole manual. There is a new version now that has added video, so you could probably get a pretty good deal on this one if you're interested in it.

  7. Beautiful photography, especially with such a perfect little model, right? 😉

    Also, I had the blog with the hign fireplace insert that you commented on awhile back. I was looking through your blog trying to find your fireplace insert and couldn't see it. ? But I want to, lol…

    And I'm a happy new follower!

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