Somewhere Between Sweet and Sour

As Jayce is getting older we are starting to see more of his personality, and are more aware of his ability to be incredibly sweet or incredibly rotten.

Jayce has had a few super sweet moments recently, and we are revelling in them now before he realizes that he can use these tricks to his advantage.

Last week Chris was rocking with Jayce in his nursery before bed. All of the sudden, Jayce looked up at Chris, pulled his pacifier out of his mouth and gave Chris a kiss. He then put his pacifier back in his mouth and his laid his head back on Chris’ shoulder. Awww!

He also has started hugging us, like, actually hugging. It is unsolicited at the moment, he doesn’t necessarily give hugs when we ask for them, but occasionally when we are holding him he will put his head down on our shoulder and give a good long squeeze around the neck and shoulders.

On to the sour, we have been experiencing daily tantrums these last few weeks. At the moment they are laughable, though obviously we are trying not to laugh in front of him, but we recognize that they will become really trying in the not too distant future. In the last few weeks, upon hearing the word no, there has been instancecs of crying and smacking the wall, grabbing nearby toys and flinging them on the floor, knocking over his little stool, and following us around while crying to make sure that we can see just how miserable he is.
I’m wondering how soon we should start trying to get him to do something to say sorry, give hugs or whatever. For right now we’re trying to just ignore him when he has these little fits since they last for less than a minute, but I’m guessing we should probably be trying to correct this in some form. At least we have that “first time parents, ignorance is bliss” thing going on right now, right?

3 thoughts on “Somewhere Between Sweet and Sour

  1. having the same experiences, as usual! i've been using the distracting trick as it's usually timmy wanting something he shouldn't play with that sets him off "look! there's your ball!" but i also see him getting upset over not being able to tell us what he wants, but we do have him shaking his head yes or no to simple questions which is helpful, he just has no way to get our attention in the first place without screaming yet!

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