Spring Break

I mentioned before that one of the reasons that I was falling behind with the catching up on blogging in April was that Jayce has a very long spring break.  March 29 to April 16, wow!  So what did we do in that time?  As far as major trips, none.  We are about to have a happy flurry of visitors over the summer and a trip to the US at the end of the summer, so we didn’t go anywhere just now.  
HunderwareKidsleep 7April 4Hannah decided that she wanted to wear Jayce’s under ware over top of her pajamas all day long.  Even when I took them off, she tracked them down and put them back on. We played with the cutest set of plastic eggs that has ever been discovered from a second hand shop. Jayce slept with his Rescue Heroes in bed with him and his Cards hat got the pillow spot.  We started enforcing that Hannah only use her pacifier at bed times, and often find her sadly standing next to her crib when it is just out of her reach.April 3Dress 17Hjuwear 3

Room 1Eggs 2

We got together with friends at parks and at our flat.  The kids found a few 10 minute slots to play together nicely.  Jayce helped me make Easter decorations which we hung up.  He set up his room/bed like a museum with his toys.
Scarf 9April 9April 11 Jayce drew pictures, made play dough versions of us, and arranged his lunch into various shapes instead of eating it, helped me fold the laundry, and had his face painted like the Green Lantern at a party.April 6April 13April 8Kidsleep 5Kidsleep 6Eggs 3Livingroom 7March2 6Eggs 1Hjuwear 4And that was about it.  Or at least all that I got photos of.

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  1. Oh, how I love the underwear over the jammies. So fun! Love the playdoh family. The museum of toys is so awesome too! Looks like a fun spring break to me! : )

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