St John’s Park

Park 1There is a wonderful park very near our flat and just next to Jayce’s school called St John’s park.   We all headed over a few weeks ago one afternoon when it was still warm and I brought along my camera.
Park 13There are a few playground staples in London that we didn’t have in Illinois and this is one of Jayce’s favorites.  It’s a huge flat swing.  On a busy park afternoon there are typically groups of 3-6 kids on swinging back and forth.  But if you are at the park for the rare occasion that you get it all to yourself, it is the supreme accomplishment.  However, on this day, not only did Jayce have it all to himself, he had Chris along to push him.  Park 17Eventually we loaded Hannah on as well, and she was screaming at the first push.  Happily.  She loved it.  
Park 6Park 4My kids were actually playing happily together!  Well, kind of.  They were happy alongside of one another, and that counts for something.
Recently Updated19Park 2After a few minutes Hannah was ready to get down and run around again, and eventually settled sleepily back into her stroller, snuggling her “bear.”
Park 19Park 20Which is exactly where Jayce wanted her.  Because just look at how much higher he could go without her.  He was cracking up the whole time.Park 18Recently Updated20It was a happy little park trip.  Park 3

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