St Louis Zoo

Last month we headed to St Louis to do some fingerprinting and whatnot that was required for the visa application process.  Since St Louis has a large (and free) zoo, we decided to make a little family day of it.
Zoo 2
Jayce and Chris by the prairie dogs, which were a favorite, for some reason.
Zoo 3Zoo 7
It was seriously hot that day, 93, so we only lasted a few hours.  But it was just long enough.
Zoo 5
Hey guys, look over here.
Zoo 4
No, over here.  
I am standing right in front of them.  Not sure what the confusion was here.
Zoo 6
The last time that we all went to the zoo together was on Jayce’s 2nd birthday, which I posted about here.

IMG 2337

I had taken this picture of the boys walking together, and I discreetly tried to get a similar one this time around.

Zoo 8


Zoo 9Zoo 10Zoo 11

Hannah was pretty chilled out while we walked around.  At one point we stopped to look at the walruses and she sat up in her stroller to wave at people walking by.  Most people waved back, but some didn’t, and she would sit up to yell after them as they walked past.

Zoo 12

Eventually the sitting up and yelling was too much effort, so she just laid back down and kicked her feet up for the rest of the trip.

Zoo 14Zoo 15Zoo 13

Both kids, checking out the elephants.

Zoo 18Zoo 17

Overall it was a good trip.  It was Hannah’s first time to the zoo, and her casual interest matched perfectly with our casual time commitment to the outing.  Luckily, free entry relieved the pressure of feeling like we had to see the whole thing, to get our money’s worth, and we headed out as soon as we were too hot to be cooled by a stint in air conditioning or a round of ice cream.  It was just right.

Zoo 16Zoo 19Zoo 20