Stages of a Kiss

How many steps are there when you give or receive a kiss in your house?

There used to be 2 steps in our house, a kiss, and then patting it in. This started because Jayce would periodically receive a kiss, and then wipe it off, giggling, knowing that this would entice us to come back and give him more kisses. We started patting them in, so that they would stick, and not be able to be wiped off. We’ve done this for months.

But in the past month, Jayce has added several steps. I hope I can remember them all.

Kiss 1

1.) Kiss.

2.) Pat it in. (Not pictured.)

Kiss 2

3.) Put some love in it. (Kiss the finger tips, then push the love in.)

Kiss 3

4.) Zoom. (Put your palm over the kiss that has love patted in, and turn counter-clockwise, while saying “zoom”.)

Kiss 4

5.) Hammer it in. (Hammer over the kiss with your fist. Say, “Hammer hammer hammer.“)

Kiss 5

6.) Cut. (Slide the side of your hand down across the kiss, like a saw that is cutting in only one direction. Say, “Cut.”)

(We don’t get it either. We think at this stage that he’s just mentally going through his toolbox.)

Kiss 6

7.) Boom. (Gently tap over the kiss, as a final attempt to seal it all in.)

I couldn’t make this kind of stuff up. 7 steps to a kiss, and I often get in trouble for getting them in the wrong order.

Also, yes, Valentines Day shirts. I made them 2 weeks ago and I love them. 🙂

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  1. Love it. That is so precious. And their outfits are adorable! Hannah's headband is awesome!

    On Tyson's second Valentine's Day, I made him a red-polka-dot tie onesie. Love it. : )

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