Jayce loves to push the laundry basket around. I think it’s just another way for him to walk around assisted, and it’s kind of funny. He normally will push a basket around whether it has anything in it or not, as he was with this basket initially, but I turned around after about 2 seconds to this.
I didn’t buy the “what?” look on his face obviously. But a minute later he was busted anyway.
I need to figure out a way to stop this soon, because it’s wearing me out! Unpacking the diaper bag, my purse, suitcases, the diaper holder, magazine basket, etc is the newest and most fun game. I was too tired and unamused yesterday to get a picture of the toilet paper that he had gotten into. Someday, when I’m well rested, I will laugh about this.

3 thoughts on “Stinker

  1. Jayce seems like he’s so much fun! I love that he likes to push around baskets. It made me remember the Tide box at my grandma’s house when I was little…there were toys, but all I wanted to do was sit in the big old Tide box…I’d play in it for hours!

    Don’t stop capturing these memories! Jayce is sure blessed to have you as his momma:)

  2. timmy does this to clothes at grandma’s. for me, he usually just goes through my purse looking for my keys or phone, i call him my little pick-pocket. 😉

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