Strike Two

When Jayce was just over a week old, I found a little plaster set for getting his hand print that we had received at a shower. Though this isn’t necessarily my thing, I decided to try it out and set to work mixing up the plaster. I had told Chris, who was holding Jayce at the time, that I was doing this and would need to bring Jayce into the kitchen in a few minutes. Unfortunately Chris did not understand the urgency when using quick drying plaster, and after a few unsuccessful and impatient calls on my part, he brought the baby in. But it was too late, the plaster was already set and completely useless.

I was sooooo mad that night! (I think those postpartum hormones had bumped what would have been a “2” on the mad scale to an “8.”) I remember Chris telling me that he would buy another plaster set and we could try again, and me replying, “Yeah, but he’ll never be 9 days old again!” I thought it was a good point at the time, again maybe those hormones, but told him not to worry about the plaster and just used a stamp pad to ink his hand and foot print in his baby book.

Anyway, I was thinking about this the other day when I came across a similar plaster set at the store. Feeling too cheap to shell out $15 (seriously?) for such a thing, I figured that I could make something similar with some help from the craft aisle.

For under $4 I got these little wooden plaques, and some stain that would match the wood in Jayce’s room. I have some paint leftover from the art that Justin painted for his nursery, so I figured I would use that for hand prints and foot prints. I stained the wood during Jayce’s nap, grabbed the paint when he woke up, strapped a large plastic bib on him, and sat down to what I wrongly assumed would be an easy project.

If you have ever attempted, or succeeded at this task, then you may already realize how grand my optimism was that morning. As soon as the paint was on Jayce’s hand he started grabbing at the plaques, so paint was smeared all over them, but not in hand print form. When I restrained his arms he tried to twist out of my grip, resulting in paint on his shorts, my pants, his arms and the table. I scooped him up and headed for the bathtub, but when I let go of his arms to turn on the water he managed to smear paint on the shower curtains, floor, tiles, etc.

I am still finding this green paint: A little more on the shower curtain last night, some on the floor this morning, and permanently set in my pants and his shorts. I managed to clean the plaques up for the most part, I’m just going to buff off a little of the green smears that are still showing, re-stain, and attempt later to get foot prints. I hope that this will go much more easily, and if not, please let me know if you see plaster sets anywhere for under $15.

4 thoughts on “Strike Two

  1. I ordered a similar kit at Christmas from Babies R Us but it was more foam/putty rather than plaster. It felt like a mix between playdough and silly putty. Anyway, I tortured Kadison repeatedly trying to get the perfect handprint! It turned out well . . . eventually. 🙂 I kept wadding it back up and re-rolling it out, which was tedious, but seemingly much more workable than the plaster. The foam then sat out to dry overnight and now is a fairly rigid star ornament for our tree!

  2. Thanks guys. I actually had just tried the foot print while he's in the highchair and it worked! But I still really like the hand print idea so I'm on the prowl for a puddy type kit. Good suggestion!

  3. i found this a very entertaining post… we found 'ornament; puddy kits at christmas time and made a set of a hand print and a foot print for each set of grandparents and great grandparents. the feet are much easier as timmy attempted to grab and pick up the puddy a couple times when doing his hand. it's definitely more forgiving then clay. i'm jealous you were able to get stamped prints for jayce's baby book! we could not get timmy to open his hands that young so we only get foot prints!

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