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Pink Debbie Dress STYLOI have been sitting on a little secret for just over three months now that I am so excited to finally let out.

In February I was invited to contribute to an incredible project, Stylo Magazine. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is a Kids Fashion Magazine entirely composed of clothing that you could make. All pattern links and fabric links are included and contributors are encouraged to outdo themselves with fun styling and photos. Even if you don’t sew or aspire to sew it is incredibly inspirational and fun! The kids, clothes, and photos are just amazing.

Liberty Theo Shirt StyloI ended up making seven different garments for the issue, five with patterns that I had never used before, and one pattern that was in Dutch and I had to Google translate (and head scratch) my way through. Luckily the photos in the tutorial were very helpful and I was so pleased with the way that everything turned out. I was especially happy to have a good excuse to sew for Jayce and I just adore his look.IMG 7041I even made a tutorial for the pineapple pocket dress that is pictured above, and it will be up on The Sewing Rabbit later today. I love that dress.

Zebra Persimmon Dress stylo1I’ll be back later on in the week with some more details on some of my looks, but I don’t really see any reason for that now because you really need to just go check out the magazine itself here.
Liberty Desert Rose Dress styloGrab a warm drink and take your time because it is beautiful!! I love the things I made but my co-contributors really outdid themselves!!Reversible Autumn Coat stylo

7 thoughts on “Stylo Magazine

  1. Erin, I love all your looks, but the pineapple dress and your son's look are seriously the best. Plus I simply love the pic of your daughter in the dress when she loves so hardly! Very sweet!

  2. Everything you made looks amazing Erin and I love all the fabric combinations, especially the dress with the striped bodice! The pineapple pocket is just adorable, can't wait for the tutorial. Your photos are beautiful too.

  3. I love all your looks, Erin! Definitely some of my favorites in the whole magazine. I especially love the dress with the striped bodice and the pineapple pocket dress – I'll definitely be using your tutorial for that one! 🙂 Congratulations on being included!! 🙂

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