Sunday Six

1.) My mom found this little tractor at Goodwill for $11 and we got it for Jayce.  He loves it so much that he would barely get off of it.  Even when he wasn’t pushing himself around he would just sit contentedly.

2.) Actually, when he first woke up from his nap and saw it in the house, he threw down his essential naptime bear, removed his pacifier and flung it on the ground, and ran to the tractor.  I have never seen him do that with anything.  These little comfort items typically will accompany him everywhere until I take them away, so I was surprised to see them willingly surrendered.

3.) He thinks that the tractor’s trailer is a vacuum cleaner.  Or maybe a shopping cart.  Either way, he keeps detaching it and pushing it around separately.  (Trailer? Is that right? I don’t know much tractor lingo so feel free to correct me.  I’ve stopped referring to combines generically as tractors since living in Illinois, so there is hope for me yet.)2009_11_21_4346

4.) He wouldn’t get off the tractor to let mom clean it, so instead she cleaned it while he drove.  He even helped a little.  Kind of.2009_11_21_4344

5.) His favorite part? The steering wheel. It’s his only toy with one, (he mostly has bikes and horses, no cars yet), and he won’t let go of it.  My favorite part?  He thinks it’s a train.  We’ve been telling him it’s a tractor but he’s been “choo chooooing” whenever he’s on it.  I guess it’s like a two car train to him.  2009_11_21_4337

6.) A Sunday Six entirely devoted to a new toy?  It appears that I am either pressed for time or material.  I assure you that it is the former and not the latter.  I actually have too much to tell and not enough time tonight.  Or to be more accurate, too much to still accomplish tonight to spend more time blogging.  Darn this NaBloPoMo I committed to.

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