Sunday Six

This week I will attempt to actually only do a list of six, unlike last week when I overzealously did seven, and didn’t realize it until it was already published.  :)  Oh well.

1.) Last week after arriving home from the grocery store, I realized that our new half & half container was leaking.  I showed Chris and he recommended that we store it in the one beverage container that we have an excess of-a sippy cup.  I put it in one of the ones that Jayce never uses, but I have worked so hard to drill into my head to not give it to Jayce this week that he may never drink out of it again.

2.) Though we have a few trees in our backyard, most of the leaves blew out of our yard and didn’t really require any raking on our part.  Luckily the neighbors were kind enough to let Jayce play in their leaf piles with their kids.  Can you find him?2009_11_08_4085

3.) Last week I switched fabric softener from whatever watery super cheap kind I had been buying to the still-cheap-but-costs-a-little-bit-more Gain fabric softener.  There is a load running as I type this, and as soon as the washer goes into the spin cycle the whole living room fills with the scent of fabric softener and stays that way until I switch it to the dryer.  I can’t tell if the clothes are actually softer, but this still seems worth the extra $1.50.

4.) Chris, Jayce and I watched Pixar’s “Up” this week.  We were excited to have our first ever little family movie night, though Jayce went to bed about 30 minutes into it.  I was surprised to discover that though it is a really lovely story, it also has some incredibly sad moments.  I highly recommend it, just have some Kleenex nearby.

5.) Though the Halloween costume is now put away, we are still finding use for one part of Jayce’s costume: the feet.2009_09_26_3366

6.) Actually, I guess he still does wear the “underneath” part of his costume.  And strangely enough, he looks rather monkey-ish in it as well.


One thought on “Sunday Six

  1. Love that picture of him with the monkey feet on! Too cute.

    I was so excited for our first movie night with Avery! Love fun family things like that. Those are the kind of little things you dream of before you have kids! It's so neat when it actually happens! : )

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