Sunday Six

1.) A few months ago I picked up a few of those re-usable grocery bags from Wal-Mart and I am wondering why I didn’t do this sooner.  The straps are long enough to sling them over your shoulder, which makes them considerably easier to carry in from the car.  It also forces the cashier to pack the bags entirely, instead of having 2-5 items per bag, which drives me crazy.2009_11_17_42442.) Speaking of Wal-Mart, I was there today and was almost run over by an unruly little boy who was “helping” his dad push the cart.  As I passed, the dad said, “Now don’t you run into that lady, or she’ll whoop you good.”  I turned around, baffled, but they had already passed and didn’t look back.  I didn’t think I looked that intimidating in my LCU sweatshirt and jeans, but who knows?

3.) My sister-in-law once commented, when I complimented her Christmas decorations, that she used to put out every Christmas thing that she owned, whether she liked it or not, simply because it was Christmas-y.  More recently she started only putting out what she really liked, even if it didn’t end up being a lot in quantity.  This is good advice and has been in my mind as I’ve been rummaging around my Christmas boxes.   

4.) I still go back and forth about whether or not I like it when Jayce looks like a big boy.  But sometimes these grown up outfits are just too hard to resist.2009_11_26_4481

5.) Jayce spent lots of time playing with his Aunt Melanie and Uncle Matt at Thanksgiving.  In true 18 month old fashion, he was most enamored with their electronic things, like phones and cameras.2009_11_26_4484

6.) Luckily Uncle Matt was around when we were trying to get a family picture, and kept Jayce laughing while we snapped away.  If only we all could have remembered to look at the camera.2009_11_26_4496

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