Sweet Little Bather

I snapped a few pictures of Jayce last night when he was taking a bath.  I couldn’t resist playing with the editing a little bit since the white tub ended up being an unexpectedly great background,


and I couldn’t resist editing a few shots where the tub was completely blown out.


But in addition to fun photography stuff, Jayce was being a little doll playing with his toys and I’m so glad that my camera was with me. 


He lined them all up on the edge of the tub,


then picked them back up, one by one,

2010_03_10_7201 and gave each a kiss before throwing it back into the tub.


On the second round, he had a few of the toys give each other kisses.  If only these pictures had audio, you would hear his signature “Mmmmmmmmuh” with each kiss.


Can you tell that he stays home with his mom, who asks for kisses all day?  Who am I kidding?  It would be the same way if he stayed home with his dad.  We just can’t resist his sweetness.


12 thoughts on “Sweet Little Bather

  1. Hi – I saw your post on tatertots – I love the egg book page wreath – so I went to my library today – they sell old books for a dollar, and then bought some small eggs I can cover with the book pages, thank you for a great idea to something other than yellow for easter. Tone, Norway

  2. How do you get such great lighting indoors? In a bathroom no less? I know you used a photo editing program for saturation levels, but you still had to have lighting right to get the shot with saturation changes to turn out so well. I really struggle to get lighting right for an indoor shot. Any suggestions at all are MUCH appreciated. 🙂

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