Sweet Shot Tuesday: A Little Model

Last week I put a few of these tie appliques into my etsy shop here, so I took Jayce outside for a little promo pictures photo session. He had his lawnmower, I had my camera, there was some open shade, we were both happy.

One of my friends who is a photographer once commented that she often overexposes, even with brides who are in danger of losing the detail in their wedding dresses, because the color just looks so good. I used that tip on this day, overexposing a half a stop, and I just loved the results! Would you believe that this is the image straight out of the camera?!


I don’t even care that his white shirt blends in with the sky a bit in this shot, that can be easily fixed in the editing. But I just loved the brightness of the shot, creaminess of his skin, and that sweet smile.

I’m linking this to Sweet Shot Tuesday here.


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