Sweet Shot Tuesday: A Sweet Face

My little 50 mm lens has really been neglected these last few months. In light of vacations to the beach, a trip to Europe, and just general playing outside, I find myself reaching for my wide-angle instead of my 50. But I was looking through my images the other day and realized that I miss the brightness and clarity that my shots have with that lens. The photos always seem a bit more intimate as well, since it brings me in so close to my subject.

So I grabbed my 50, lured Jayce over by a window with his favorite alphabet puzzle, and snapped away as he told me the letters, their colors and what they stood for.


He was not entirely happy with me, (can you tell?) but he appeased me for a little bit.

I’m having some success with my etsy shop, so I’m saving for a new lens. It will take a while though, because I have my heart set on Canon’s 24-70mm, f/2.8, and it’s not cheap. It’s my favorite to use when I’m shooting with Christine and I always want to bring it home with me!

What is your favorite lens?

Happy Tuesday. I’m linking to Sweet Shot Tuesday here.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Shot Tuesday: A Sweet Face

  1. I do love how the 50 creates that intimacy…oh and the 24-70….nice. I have the Tamron 28-75 mm f/2.8 and love it. As a hobbyist, I just can't rationalize spending more.

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