Sweet Shot Tuesday: First Lake Trip

We headed up to the lake last weekend hoping for some sunshine after a complete cloud cover while we were in Florida. It was the first time that Jayce had ever been in the boat, or on the lake, and he loved it! The sun was out, the sky was blue, and as always, I was taking pictures of my boys.

IMG_4384 (1).jpg

The coloring turned out a little funny, and despite a few attempts to fix it, I opted for a gritty black and white. I always feel like black and white pictures seem more like memories than photos, and it was a lovely memorable day.

I’m linking to Sweet Shot Tuesday here.

15 thoughts on “Sweet Shot Tuesday: First Lake Trip

  1. Great shot…I have a similar one with my husband and son on his 1st boat ride at 2yo (he's 11yo now). I agree, black and white photos do have more of a memories/vintage feel.

  2. beautiful capture… had to venture over from sweet shots… i live on a lake and was completely drawn in by your photo. beautifuL!

  3. Great picture! I've taken enough vacations on the lakes of the mid-west to know exactly what it felt like on the boat that day.

    I can practically hear the other waterskiiers in the distance…


  4. I hadn't thought of it that way before, but I think you're right that B&W images feel more like memories… Fantastic shot! Love the star-like flares of the sun's rays and that snuggly embrace of your men.

  5. Erin, that is incredible. LOVE this photo. The black & white is perfect. What a great moment to have captured of your boys. So precious. This pictures says so much. Wow.

  6. I L-O-V-E this picture….I also love the sunflare…did you use a filter….how did you do this?

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