Taking the Cake

I am eager to blog about the great time that Jayce and I had with my family last week and about his first birthday party. But since I am currently overwhelmed with unpacking and organizing, in addition to wading through over 300 pictures that were taken (I know!), I will give you just a tidbit, and perhaps the best tidbit, the cake.

Jayce was happy in his highchair, batting at the balloons and decorations, but quickly became shy and tried to hide once everyone starting to sing. It was hilarious!

He was not so sure about his cake at first. We had to assist him in getting his first few bites, which he did seem to enjoy. But he was much more concerned and entertained with simply digging into the cake, smearing it around, and tossing it onto the floor.
He did eventually take a few small bites from his hands, and even gave a few tastes away.

By the end Jayce wasn’t nearly as much of a mess as the highchair and floor were. I think that since I normally take away his food as soon as he starts smearing it around or tossing it on the floor, he was just kind of revelling in this activity. Letting him indulge in this was our gift to him that day. But I’ve already put a mat under the highchair at home, because I just know that he’s going to try this with his other food.

Happy Birthday our little cake destroyer! Hope you enjoyed it!