Yes, I realize how close it is to Christmas at this point, but our week after Thanksgiving had 3 doctor’s visits, 2 kids with 2 infections and 1 pre-op appointment, in addition to the whole “no car and no purse” thing.  It was a crazy 7 days, and we felt like we lost a week out of our lives, but everything else piled up in the meantime: work, laundry, clutter, pictures, etc.   But now that things are normal I can catch up a bit. 🙂

Thanksgiving 8700x465

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Louisville this year, and were so glad to get to see everyone all together for a little bit.  Obviously it was Hannah’s first Thanksgiving and there was a fair amount of snuggling and rocking for this little lady.

Thanksgiving 6Thanksgiving 7

We made a valiant attempt to get a picture of the grandkids with the grandparents, and it just wasn’t happening.  It’s a good thing that the “attempt” pictures are fun too, but I think it will be several years before we have a picture where all the kids are looking in the same direction and no one is trying to escape.

Thanksgiving 1Thanksgiving 2Thanksgiving 12Thanksgiving 3

It was a busy few days, full of playing, eating and napping.  Chris and I even managed to nap while Jayce and Hannah did, and it was fabulous.

Thanksgiving 4Thanksgiving 5

We took the kids over to see JC & Louise as well, Jayce played happily and Hannah snuggled whomever was holding her.  Which is about the best compliment you can get from a 6 month old.

Thanksgiving 10Thanksgiving 9Thanksgiving 11

We had a great time, but it so busy and chaotic that I barely had my camera out and these are my only pictures from the weekend.

Sounds like a good reason for another trip.  Soon. 🙂


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