The BCs

Warning: The following pictures have pretty much nothing to do with the subsequent stories. But they are cute. Consider yourself warned.


As I have said previously, Jayce has entered into a fun new stage, where the talking has become more than simply repeating what we say or expressing a basic need. We are really enjoying listening to him putting words and ideas together.


Last week we were at the store and Jayce declared, “tractor,” and then a few seconds later “smoke.” I wasn’t really paying attention to whatever he was looking at, and said, “Oh, do tractors have smoke?” To which he replied, “Mo-om. No, choo choos smoke.” Whoops.


Later on in the week, we were playing and I said, rhetorically, “Are you momma’s baby?” and he said, “No. A Jayce.” This happened again that afternoon, when he was playing with a sheep puzzle and baaa-ing along with it. I said, “Oh, are you a sheep?” “No, a Jayce.” I guess I’m just not used to him responding to those kinds of questions.


The other day we were getting him ready for bed and he was saying something over and over that neither of us could understand, that sounded like “e-er”. After repeating it a few times and looking back and forth expectantly between us, he said, “A-B-A-B-A-B.” To which we replied, “Ooooh, letters!” It is the first time that he has explained something to us. I think there will be many more.


Along this letters theme, the alphabet is his new favorite thing, besides balls, of course. A few weeks ago I was rocking with him and started singing the ABC’s. This is now his favorite song.
He has been getting his 2 year molars in, so we’ve had to rock with him a little more than usual, and the other night Chris was rocking and singing to him and he only wanted the ABCs sung to him. Whenever Chris would start into another song, Jayce would just interrupt him and talk over him, going “Da-ad, BCs! Da-ad, BCs!” until Chris complied. They were both giggling and it was funny, but he’s already showing signs of our stubbornness rubbing off on him. I mean, our persistence. But he’s a good boy.



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  1. That picture of the two of them sitting at the table?! LOVE!!! So sweet. Those little 2-year-old legs hanging off the chair. So sweet.

  2. The pic of Jayce and Chris at the table is perfect…
    And the beard – he has to keep growing it through our Cedar Point trip! 🙂

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