The Bear

When Jayce was about 2 months old, my mom bought him one of those blanket with a head things that are so popular for babies now.  I tried to talk her out of it at the time, telling her that he had more stuffed animals and blankets now than he’d ever need and didn’t need a hybrid.  But she got it anyway, and it almost immediately became Jayce’s favorite thing.


There will be no sleeping without it and the mention of it can reduce a happy child to tears.  When we leave the house on a trip, Chris or I will say to the other, “Do we have the essential item?”  It is that important.  It even appears in our family portraits.


For some odd reason, what Jayce likes the most about his bear is the tiny satin ribbon around it’s neck.  As soon as we present Jayce with the bear, his grabs immediately for the bear’s head and searches around with his little fingers for that satin ribbon.  Once he gets it, he rubs the ribbon over and over between his fingers and then pulls it up to his face, rubbing the satin over his nose and cheeks.  I had always wondered how little kids come up with the things that they do to settle themselves down, like hair twirling or thumb sucking, and now that I have a kid of my own, I still have no idea.  I have tried to show Jayce that the whole underside of the bear and the edges are covered with the same satin that is around the bear’s neck, but none of that really matters.


The other day, (a few months ago actually, but who’s counting?) we put Jayce to bed and he started crying shortly after.  When I went to check on him, I found a very sad sight.  He was sitting up in the corner of his crib, holding his bear and pointing miserably to something on the floor.  The ribbon had come off and was laying pitifully beside the bed.  I gave him the replacement bear to try to hold him over for a bit (which obviously didn’t work, because the replacement items never do,) and headed downstairs.  Luckily my mom was staying with us that day and was able to perform emergency ribbon re-attachment surgery.  So for now, all is well in the Keith household.

But we are throwing out the paci soon.  God help us.  If anyone has any good advice on that, I’ll gladly welcome it.





5 thoughts on “The Bear

  1. We broke our son of the paci at 25 months and I was prepared for the fight of a lifetime. But, we planned a trip for the zoo on a Sunday and before we got out of the car I snipped the tip of the paci off with scissors (on the advice of my 85yo PawPaw) and handed it to him in his stroller. Immediately after he stuck it in his mouth he looked at me like something was wrong and I pretended not to notice. He'd take it out, look at it, put it in, take it out and was very perplexed. Within 15 minutes inside the zoo that paci was history – apparently he tossed it out of his stroller when we weren’t looking. The zoo kept his little mind occupied for the day and he did cry for it that night, but only that night.

    Now, the blankie was a different story and it took another year, more, before I had the heart to stash it in his memory box. He cried for a week over that one.

    You have a beautiful blog and I've really enjoyed your posts over at Lemon Tree. 🙂


  2. Oh, I love this story. Owen is the same way with his "baby bear." He calms himself down by rubbing the ribbon between his little 4-year-old fingers. I love that he has this little security friend.

    Having that bear and ribbon will help Jayce as he gives up the paci.

  3. When my daughter Aubrey was 2 1/2 ( yes .. I KNOW that is kinda old to still have her binky) i told her we were going to mail her binkys to the babies that need them. I got an envelope let her fill it with all her binkys (we had about 11 we could find) & she walked it out to the mailbox & lifted the flag for the mailman to pick up … then over the next few weeks if she found a binky we would have to mail them .. lol… it was such a cute thing for her to do & she didn't cry…

  4. We tried snipping the paci, mailing the paci, taking the paci's to the fire department for the kids who needed them and NOTHING worked. I just didn't believe everyone that said all it would take was one hard night. So one night I couldn't find a paci anywhere and decided that was it. I told him I'd lay with him until he fell asleep that night and he cried and cried and cried. For one night… only. That was it, he never mentioned it again. It broke my heart but it was over and fairly painless for everyone in less than 24hrs. Good luck!

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