The Cake

Kidsparty 39

We sang happy birthday to Hannah and then offered her her pretty little cake.  Since the ground was a bit uneven, we decided to forgo the highchair, spread out another little quilt under the tree and let her dive in.  I was really excited to put her in her special birthday girl bib, and proud of her bright little strand of cake bunting.  She seemed to like it too.

Kidsparty 36

Then she dove into her cake.  It was not her first taste of sugar, or cake, I don’t think, and we were already pretty confident that she would like it.  And she did.

Kidsparty 41

It only took a tiny taste of frosting from the end of her fingertips to convince her that she was interested.

Kidsparty 42

(Oooh, those lashes!)

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And then feet.  Oh well, I guess this is a casualty of doing cake on the ground instead of in a highchair. 

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It was a good little cake smashing and eating session. 

Kidsparty 53

 I ended it when she smashed a fistful of frosting into one of her eyes and started trying to rip off her bib.  It seemed like as good of a time as any.

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