The Children’s Museum

We have an awesome children’s museum in Bloomington that we just went to for the first time a few weeks ago. I shared a few of my favorite pictures of the day on this post, but this is the first time that I’ve had the chance to post some other pictures.


Patsy and Erin went with us while they were in town and we all had a good time playing at the different exhibits. Yes, Jayce also went with us, and apparently he played too.

Picnik collage1.jpg

Sometimes we all played together.

Picnik collage5.jpg

It was a fun morning, with lots of running around in areas where he was interested in everything, couldn’t really break anything, and I could see him completely. I love the Children’s Museum.

Picnik collage3.jpg

He painted, made pizza, burned off a load of energy and took a fabulously long nap when we got home.


Did I mention that I love the Children’s Museum? Or that we’re joining asap? I also fully intend to rip off several of their great ideas for those freezing cold days that aren’t too far off.