The Chop

Bang trim 2

Last Saturday evening, while I unpacked groceries and Chris watched the U of L game, Hannah was in the bathroom playing with her hair clips in front of the mirror.  And just for kicks she grabbed the nail scissors and chopped into her bangs too.

Bang trim 1I walked into the bathroom and she was standing on the toilet with a very guilty/sad look on her face.  I glanced in the sink, saw a pile of hair, said (calmly but with wide eyes) Hannah Louise, and then scooped her up as she burst into tears and fell limp against my shoulder.
It’s not a big deal, really.  But it does make me laugh.   
Bang trim 4Bang trim 3
I think in terms of child hair chop-page, we got off pretty easy.  I remember cutting mine when I was four and it made a huge hole right in the middle of my forehead.  Jayce went to preschool with a little girl who cut off all of her hair with scissors one night, threw it in the trashcan, and then went to bed.  Her parents didn’t know anything about it until the next morning.  These crazy kids and their scissors.
Bang trim 6Bang trim 5
If I just sweep it slightly to the side, you can barely tell that there is hair missing.  
Bang trim 7Even though it is no big deal, it does seem like the type of thing that I want to have documented, so I have.  And when her daughter does it someday, I can show her a picture of her sweet little pie face with some awkward fringe on the side. 🙂  

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  1. LOL I have photographic evidence of when my nephew decided to "help" his sister while Mommy was in the shower and cut all her hair off. Poor Lizzy ended up with a pixie cut to try and fix the damage and it's taken almost two years to get it back to looking good and shoulder length. It was almost to her waist before!

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