The Farm and the Lake: Memorable & Highlights

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We left Florida and headed to Matt and Melanie’s for the night, and then onto the farm for the next few days.

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-Seeing all of the Keiths, who were temporarily all rounded up in the same place for some family pictures.  

-Jayce and Hannah getting to play with Hadley and Madeline.  There is nothing like playing with your cousins.  The friendships are instant and sweet.

-A perfect day on the lake.  The weather was hot enough that the water felt great, but not so hot that we were baking the whole time.  Sunny skies, a light breeze, not crowded, cold drinks in the cooler, everyone felt like getting in the water and playing around a bit.  It was exactly what we had wanted.

-Jayce asking to tube by himself, which spoke volumes about his confidence in the water.  It didn’t last long, he immediately went under, but he didn’t cry and we were impressed that he wanted to try in the first place.

-Dinner at Betty’s OK Country Kitchen.  It’s always been a favorite, is the perfect way to end a day at the lake, and it did not disappoint.

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-This was Hannah’s first time ever on the boat.  She wasn’t nervous at all, wanted to help dad drive, and demanded to hold grandpa’s hand whenever she was out on the dock.

-Chris stood up on the tube before crashing hard.  He was extremely proud of himself.

-When we were picking out where to sleep, Jayce wanted to sleep on a very narrow cot in one of the rooms.  While he was sleeping he fell out of it, and the noise absolutely scared me out of my skin. (The sound of your child’s limbs hitting linoleum floor from their bed is significant.)  Chris helped him back into bed and tucked him in, and after my prompting placed a doubled-over quilt next to the bed in case it happened again.  He fell out of bed 2 additional times that night.  When I asked him about it in the morning, he sheepishly replied that he fell because he was being a wiggle worm. 🙂  The next night we slept in different beds, and no one fell.

-Jayce and Hannah golfing little plastic balls around the house, sidewalk chalk, swinging in the swings, drinking hot coffee on cool mornings on the back gazebo, and bare feet in wet morning grass.  Overall, just watching our kids run around and enjoy a place that we have enjoyed together for over a decade, and a place that has always been a part of Chris’ life.

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