The Felt Tree & Pirates

Felttree 1Yeah, so I decided to do the felt tree thing this year.  There are many versions of this floating around online, and I’m obsessed with felt this year, (it’s the felt’s fault though, not mine), so I went for it.   I had some leftover felt circles from a garland that I made so I cut out a tree shape and it has been making it’s way around the house.  Honestly, it is currently in it’s 5th location.  But the kids love it. It keeps them entertained for 3 minute blocks of time, looks happy and festive, and it entertains me to see what sort of patterns Jayce arranges the ornaments into.

Felttree 2The other afternoon, he put the ornaments like this, called me over to look, and I was so pleased about his natural inclination towards symmetry (that’s my boy!) that I asked him to stand beside it so that I could take his picture.

Pirate 1And I asked him to smile.

Pirate 2Pirate 3Pirate 4Me: “Jayce, just smile normal buddy.

Pirate 5After downloading these onto my computer days later, it occurred to me that he is not normally inclined towards making a “pirate face” in photos.  I think he had something in his eye when I was taking them.  But it didn’t occur to me at the time to say, “Jayce, is your eye okay?”  Mom fail.

Pirate 6But in light of that, I do think the pictures are kind of funny.  He still stood there and smiled as best as he could, despite the fact that he was having issues with his eye.  That’s my boy. 🙂