The Floral A-Line: AKA, My Favorite

Floralaline 6At the beginning of the month Chris left for a conference that would take him away for 8 days and nights, and let me tell you, I was not looking forward to that.  On the morning that he left, Hannah and I dropped Jayce off at school, headed over to Starbucks for breakfast, and then to my favorite little fabric shop, looking for a distraction.  I found it in this incredible, fun, floral fabric.Floralaline 11Then I held onto it for almost a month, making various dresses and tops, but afraid to cut into it until I had found just the right thing because it was just too pretty and perfect.Floralaline 3I decided to do a simple A-line dress, patterned from a dress that she already has.  Nothing fancy or fussy, I wanted the incredible fabric to be the “star.”
And then I screwed it up.Floralaline 1I forgot about the seam allowance to attach the top to the bottom.  Then I cut the bodice too tight.  And I re-cut the bottom, disassembled and reassembled the top.  Detached the skirt, re-attached the new skirt, and realized I still had the same problem as before.  And a bunch of other random little things.Floralaline 5And you should see the inside.  The finishing is not beautiful.
 But the outside still is, and my girl is beautiful in it.Floralaline 4And it cracks me up how 70s it looks, no matter what I do.  I had her hair in a pony tail the first time that I tried it on her, and it almost seemed like I was trying to make her look 70s-ish.  So I left her hair down this time, but with her fluffy crown and curly flips on the bottom, it still looks 70s.  So we’re just going with it.Floralaline 2I added a little pin tuck to the back of the dress, and 2 tiny pink buttons to close the bodice.  I love it.
Floralaline 7The moral of the story is 3-fold, I think.
1.) I love this fabric, so it’s my favorite dress, regardless of the (many) flaws.
2.) I need to stop trying to just “wing it.”  Patterns and instructions are written by people who know what they’re doing, and will save people who don’t know what their doing time and frustration in the end.
3.) If #1, then ignore #2.  You got that too, right?
Honorable mention:
If your husband is out of town and you’re feeling down, good coffee and pretty fabric can’t hurt, and it might help. 

5 thoughts on “The Floral A-Line: AKA, My Favorite

  1. This fabric is so gorgeous, I'm in love too! I totally agree with you about making simple A-Line dress with it! And I love all your creations for KCW. They are simply adorable!

  2. Love the fabric! You sound all too much like me with this winging it thing! My patterns are generally hand drawn from my head or by tracing some existing clothing from my girls wardrobes! 🙂 Made with love!! 🙂

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