The One Where I Take a Picture of Her Taking a Picture of Me Taking Pictures: Sightseeing Part 1

Centrallondonam 2When I was scrolling through my pictures from the first time that we took Mom and Chelsea into the city to see the sights I laughed a little because the first photos that I have are over an hour after we arrived.  But that is how it goes when you are the person pushing a stroller with 2 kids, and the only person who knows where you’re going in a major international city: you don’t take pictures until you stop.  
Centrallondonam 5Centrallondonam 7Don’t feel too bad for us all though, our stops in front of various landmarks, random “cool street shots” as mom called them, and picnicking in front of Big Ben are very well iPhone-photography documented.  But I won’t be sharing those here.  Eventually we stopped on a bridge in St James Park to feed the ducks, look at the water, and get a few pictures of the landmarks in the distance.Centrallondonam 3Then we headed to the “sand playground” that Jayce had been requesting non-stop since we had jumped off the train.  Centrallondonam 8Centrallondonam 9Centrallondonam 10Centrallondonam 12Our most successful trips are the ones where we build in the time and opportunity for the kids to run around and be kids in between sightseeing, eating, and anything else.  Luckily the city has lots of playgrounds, parks, and green space for things just like this.  The “sand park” was the second park we had been to already that morning.Centrallondonam 13Centrallondonam 14Centrallondonam 15But it worked because we wanted to play with the kids too, not just ignore them whining from the stroller.Centrallondonam 20We came out of the park just next to Buckingham Palace and the incredible garden that is across from it.  Jayce wanted to go run around by the flowers and I did too.  Mom, Chelsea, and Hannah stayed on the sidewalk…Centrallondonam 17and took pictures of us taking pictures.  So I took a picture of them taking a picture of us taking pictures. 🙂Centrallondonam 21Centrallondonam 19Centrallondonam 22But then we invited them over to get into the pictures too.Centrallondonam 23Centrallondonam 25Centrallondonam 24Then Jayce wanted to help me take a picture, and Chelsea gave mom a hard time about her holding her phone in the picture, Centrallondonam 26so then mom just put her hand behind her back.  And that made it all much better.Centrallondonam 27And I got to harass them both on my blog. 🙂