The One Where Jayce represents Louisville and Then Beats a Tree: London Sightseeing Part 2

Centrallondonam 28After a solid round of pictures in front of beautiful tulips, we decided to head over to Buckingham Palace.  Centrallondonam 29Jayce really wanted to climb up on the bottom of the statue for a picture, so we gave it a good effort.  Centrallondonam 31But it was  really slick and he kept slipping off.  And so did I when I tried to climb up and help him.  So mom held me up while I was trying to hold Jayce up.  But it worked, and we got “hands in the air in victory” pictures.Centrallondonam 32Centrallondonam 33Then a bunch of people walked in front of Chelsea, repeatedly, and she took pictures anyway.  So we threw up a U o fL sign in honor of Chris who was not with us because he was working, and jumped back down.Centrallondonam 34Then we went over to see the guard.  He came out and marched across once and then went back to his station.  Centrallondonam 35Jayce (representing U of L again), was pretty unimpressed, so he decided to get his head stuck in between the spokes.  But only for a second.Centrallondonam 36Hannah was completely unimpressed.  I guess she’s seen the guards before.Centrallondonam 38Next we headed back over to the park to get some ice cream for Mom who had been asking about it relentlessly.  (No, seriously.)  Then we proceeded to have our ice cream in an almost unrealistically idealistic setting.Centrallondonpm 1The trees were FULL of those tiny white flower petals that come just before the leaves.  The ground beneath one tree in particular was completely coated with them, and the branches were so low-hanging that we had to duck to get beneath them.  It was almost like we were in our own personal green and white floral dome, shaded from the warmest day of the year so far, and overlooking London’s Green Park which was buzzing with happy park go-ers.  It was amazing.  Centrallondonpm 2Centrallondonpm 3But then Hannah stole my melted ice cream cone and somehow flung it all over her face and hair,Centrallondonpm 4Centrallondonpm 5and was so distraught that Chelsea had to run away with her to try to distract her from her misery.Centrallondonpm 6Jayce realized that hitting these low hanging branches sent showers of white petals all over the ground and anyone standing underneath them.
Centrallondonpm 7So he charged at them all, branch/sword in hand,
Centrallondonpm 10until he had defeated them all.Centrallondonpm 8Centrallondonpm 9We wandered around for a bit more, ate dinner, and headed back to the train station.  Centrallondonpm 11Jayce played happily on someone’s phone, Mom and I passed Hannah back and forth, and Chelsea slept.  It was a full day for all.Centrallondonpm 12

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