The Park and The Tree

One evening Mom, Chelsea, and I took the kids to play at the playground after dinner.  

Richmondpark 6Richmondpark 7Richmondpark 4 2Richmondpark 2 2Richmondpark 3 2I had had my camera out for the past hour or so, and commented to Chelsea that I was done playing photographer for the night as I put it in it’s bag.  Then I turned away from the playground and saw this…

Thetree 1and pulled it right back out.  

I mean, seriously.Thetree 4Jayce climbed right on in.  It had very climbable low limbs, so he scurried on up.Thetree 2Thetree 5See him?Thetree 7Thetree 9Thetree 3But he couldn’t go much further up once he was in it, and got bored quickly, which is fair enough.

Thetree 10Thetree 11So I gave Chelsea my camera so that Hannah and I could pick a few of the flowers.  
Thetree 12Thetree 13Thetree 14That Chelsea, I’ll turn her into photographer yet! 🙂  I love this one, even though we were pretty disheveled from a full day of playing in actual sun. 🙂Thetree 15Goodbye beautiful tree and park!  You were a good end to the day.

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  1. That black and white picture of you and Hannah is beautiful! Those are my favorite kinds of pictures, when you aren't pretending to smile and be happy but actually are. Love it!

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