The Potty: Final

April 20

I realized the other day that I never wrote that we finally have had complete success with potty training.  This update is overdue.  It’s been since January. (I know, shameful.)  But it turns out that it really did take us waiting until he was ready.

That, and,

1.) Chris was out of town and I bought groceries for the week.  I had taped the receipt to the fridge to remind myself to go back to the store and ask them what $20 for “pants” was, thinking that they had accidentally scanned something that I didn’t buy.  When I realized that it was for Pull Ups I was shocked.  $20?!!  That afternoon I informed Jayce that he wasn’t wearing Pull Ups anymore and would be wearing underware instead.  

2.) We realized that Jayce often just didn’t feel like stopping whatever he was doing to go to the bathroom, so he would just go in his pants.  So we started suggesting potty breaks to him before various activity changes throughout the day.  “I’ll get your snack/play dough/ turn on the movie as soon as you go potty.”  It worked.

3.) Fireman imagery.  Seriously, this worked.  Every time that Jayce goes to the bathroom he will tell us he is “putting out the fire.”  

One time he called from the bathroom, “Mo-om, will you come help me shake off my fire hose?”  Seriously.

Also, I got him this hilarious book of different people stopping their daily activities to go potty, starting with firemen.  He loves it.

April 21

I have plenty more to write about, but since this has had it’s own post in the past, I thought it was worth mentioning.  

Also, I’m feeling a little rusty this morning, which is what happens when you go a few weeks in between posts I guess.  I promise I’ll do better tomorrow.


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