The Pumpkin Patch

The past few years we have taken Jayce to this great fall festival that is nearby. I’ve been really looking forward to it this year because this is the first year where Jayce will be able to really enjoy all of the different activities and play the different games that they have set up.

Unfortunately, this year on the day of the festival it absolutely rained cats and dogs all morning. It takes place at a nature center, so if we still tried to go it would have resulted in the muddiest day of our lives, so we didn’t try. However the next day was gorgeous, so I talked Chris into taking Jayce to a local pumpkin patch with me.


It turned out to be perfect. Just what I had been hoping for.


It was a cute little place, low key, with various kids activities that Jayce loved. There weren’t tons of people there either, so Jayce could just run from one activity to the next with little “management” from us.


We got to pick our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, which was a first for us.


Jayce was a little stressed by this. He would point out a pumpkin that he liked, but when we got over to it, he would say, “No Mom, yucky pumpkin!” because some of them had started to rot a bit, or some were a bit discolored, or some had dirt on them. (You know, from growing in the ground.)


Luckily we still found a few keepers.


Jayce was in heaven. There was lots of room to run around, pumpkins everywhere (which he gets really excited about anyway), and do you see those tractors in the distance? What could a little boy like more?


Standing in the tire of a big tractor, of course!


It was a fun and sweet afternoon, and I was so happy to spend it with my boys!


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  1. Wow, the skies in those pictures?! Amazing. (Not that I'm overlooking the adorableness of your little one. 🙂 ) But the skies are really awesome. Want to share some secrets?! 🙂

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