The Sharing Assembly & Best Part About School

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Jayce’s class had their sharing assembly a few months ago, which is pretty much what it sounds like.  The class has a  short 20 minute or so presentation to the parents one morning on some things that they had recently been working on. The class sang a few songs, talked about their senses, and went through the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  (There is a video at the end of the post of their performance.)
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It was pretty cute, though certainly not as elaborate as their Christmas play.  They each had speaking/acting parts, sang a few songs, and then we got to go back to their classroom to see what else they’d been working on.
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I was recording the show, and Chris was doing his best to keep Hannah restrained, who was so excited about the singing, dancing, group of kids in a big room, and well, all of it.
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When they finished and Jayce ran over to say hi Hannah was delighted.  
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She took his hat and decided to start a little performance of her own.
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This picture (above) is my kiddos to a T right now: Jayce chilling, Hannah performing.  This is what they were like our whole vacation.  
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This is one of my very favorite things about Jayce’s school, they do a “learning book” of sorts.  Each child has a book that the teachers fill up throughout the year with various examples of them achieving their learning objectives in the classroom, pictures of them participating in different activities with captions, and examples of their work glued in with dates and explanations.  
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I loooooooove this.  I love being able to see what he is up to in his classroom since he rarely tells me about his day, and I love the pictures of him in action, obviously.  There are a few different times during the year when parents are invited into the classroom for the students to show us their books, and Jayce loves flipping through it and telling me about his work.  
Jayceshareassembly 16
We have his book now, we received it at the end of the school year.  But at the time of this assembly I felt like this book was a precious treasure and I was eager to get a few pictures to show the grandparents.  It turns out that I didn’t need to do this since we brought Jayce’s book with us to the states and he was able to sit down and flip through it with a few of them.  It turns out that even kids who don’t want to talk about their day still want to talk about their work and photos when it is all pulled together, and I have read through it with and without Jayce a few times since it came home.  It’s like his teacher made us a detailed scrapbook of the year.  I can only imagine how much time this took them and I love it.

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