The Shower and Mean Parents

Shower 1Hannah has this new thing that she loves, it’s called our shower.

Actually, she hates to take a shower.  Both kids do.  They prefer baths, with their bubbles/boats/tea party capabilities, and that’s fine with me.  

But Hannah likes to climb into our shower, shut the door, sit down and hang out in there.  She lines up the shampoo and soap bottles and then she rearranges them.Shower 2Shower 3She opens the door to peer out at us and then slams it shut, looking startled and delighted at the same time.  Shower 4Shower 5Chris bikes home from work almost every day, so he often showers when he gets in.  This means that the shower floor is almost always wet when Hannah climbs in, so she usually emerges with her lower half soaked.  This day she started off in just her diaper, so it wasn’t so bad.

Jayce noticed that Hannah was getting some attention in this “play the shower game,” so he jumped in as well.  Then Chris had a mean parent idea.  And I went with it.

It didn’t really work.  But still, here is the video.

I think it’s kind of funny that the whole time Hannah is just really excited to see Chris.  I’m both glad and sad that it didn’t work. 🙂

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