The Turkey Song, by Jayce

(I interrupt this week of Hannah’s birthday extravaganza to give you a little Jayce break.  It’s a good one.)
It’s no news that Jayce is a big singer and dancer.
The other afternoon at lunch time, I pulled out some turkey for our sandwiches instead of peanut butter.  Jayce started to sing a little song about turkey, and when I asked him about it, he mentioned that it was a rock song, so he would say “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” at the beginning. (I don’t know where he heard about “rock songs” or that they say “yeah yeah yeah” at the beginning.)  I had a feeling that something great was coming, so I asked him to let me film him so that he would remember how to sing it the next time that we had turkey sandwiches.
I did not know what was starting.  We have had a week of turkey songs and dances, each one a little different than the previous one.  And Chris and I sing it too, despite ourselves.
Here are days 1-4.  Enjoy.
Highlights: Breakdancing, catchy lyrics, discover all of the things that turkey will do for you.
Highlights: My hand over the microphone at the beginning (oops) just to trick you into turning it up, very tough “rock song voice,” yeah is replaced by oh yeah throughout, and it makes you throw stuff WWF style.  (Or WWE, OED?)

Highlights: Sweetness at the beginning, toughness brought on by dancing, it makes you punch stuff and push stuff fast.
Highlights: Throwing more stuff, and I don’t know.

3 thoughts on “The Turkey Song, by Jayce

  1. I'm old school and definitely still call it WWF. Not that I ever watched it or anything. (Zeus was always my favorite.)

    These videos are hilarious and adorable! My boys watched them and loved them.

    Who knew turkey could be such a muse for inspiration. 🙂

  2. i like the last one where he cheers for himself "go go go jayce, oh yeah!" kudos to mom for not interrupting that version when you were almost the target of the throw stuff part! 😉

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