The Window

Snow 2The snow last week made for some beautiful BEAUTIFUL scenery around here.  Including inside the house.  It never ceases to amaze me how much brighter and prettier everything is when it’s white outside.  I kept the lights off in the house most of the day and let the rooms be lit by the white blanket that covered every branch outside.  It was amazing.
Hcards 1Hannah spent lots of time playing at the window as well.  Jayce had set up a little game that she was determined to destroy at the first possible moment.  She also just kept asking to stand on the ledge and look outside, and would point out the cars, birds, people, and some other things that I could discern in the baby gibberish.  Hcards 3Hwindow 1Hcards 4Her little ponytail was cracking me up that day because it was partially curly,Hwindow 2and partially this straight spike.  As the day went on and it got lower on her head, the spike was less prominent and the curls returned.  I loved it.Hwindow 8We also played lots and lots of peek a boo around the curtains, which is obviously their main objective.  “Peek a boo” facilitators.  Hwindow 6Hwindow 5Happy weekend.