The Year Two Christmas Play: My Sleepy American

Jayce had his Year Two Christmas play last Friday.  We found out that his role was an American Christian, fits for obvious reasons, although I joked that we needed to work on his accent to play the part.  But he did great.  That is, when he wasn’t falling asleep…  

Year Two Christmas Performance 20

because this (below) is pretty much what he looked like throughout the performance.  

Year Two Christmas Performance 6

The night before the performance, right before bed, Jayce pulled out a tooth that has been hanging on for too long and there was a lot of fanfare.  Then he lost it, like actually lost it somewhere in the flat, which resulted in a big search and then another one, and then a sad boy that couldn’t fall asleep.  He finally went to sleep almost 2 hours later than his bedtime, and that coupled with the fact that the performance was first thing on a Friday morning…well, he was tired.  But he still did great.

Year Two Christmas Performance 5

Before his class came out Hannah took the opportunity for some pre-show entertainment for the crowd.  I could barely get her to sit.  The winning combination of a dress, a captive audience, and a few square feet of floor space where she could spin was just more temptation than she could bear.  Eventually one of her friends from her class joined her, who was also there to watch an older sibling in the performance, and I just barely managed to keep Hannah from jumping on the stage.

Year Two Christmas Performance 1Year Two Christmas Performance 2

Then the Year Two kids came in and the party started.  

The gist of the play was that there were angels who were each assigned to a different part of the world.  The angels then went to these places and the children from each area shared their traditions for celebrating Christmas.  The angels went to the United States, Australia, Malawi, Ireland, and a few more, but these are the only ones I had pictures of.
But we’ll focus on the United States because Go USA!!  Also, because that was Jayce’s part. 🙂

Year Two Christmas Performance 14Year Two Christmas Performance 12Year Two Christmas Performance 7Year Two Christmas Performance 10Year Two Christmas Performance 13

We were told that he was playing an American and to send him in a white t-shirt and jeans for the part, and I remember thinking “and a Budweiser cap…”  But it turns out that it wasn’t because they think the American uniform is a pair of jeans and a t shirt, but because they were talking about candy canes, and were going to put these candy striped vests and bow ties on the kids too.  (If you haven’t watched the video yet, now is the time to do so to see some cool dance moves and finger snapping.) 

Year Two Christmas Performance 11Year Two Christmas Performance 8Year Two Christmas Performance 15Year Two Christmas Performance 16

It was a good performance, about 45 minutes long, and the kids had obviously been practicing a lot.
Year Two Christmas Performance 17Year Two Christmas Performance 18Afterwards they had a few minutes to go say hi to their family members and get obligatory sibling pictures like the one below that they were both thrilled about.  Actually, Hannah was genuinely thrilled to get her hands on that candy cane. 
Year Two Christmas Performance 21
We also grabbed a few quick pictures of Jayce with the angel who was in charge of the American kids, and is also one of his best friends, Lucy. 

Year Two Christmas Performance 23Year Two Christmas Performance 26

It was a great show.