There is No Way This Baby is Going to Cook Peacefully Until June, AKA 35 Weeks

It seems slightly ridiculous to post about the pregnancy in terms of “what’s going on now and what the plan is for now” because this changes on a daily basis.  Monday I posted my recap of last week, but by the evening it had already changed.  Again.

The reality of the bed rest has been a little different than what I had been anticipating because I have been in the hospital more than I’ve been at home. It has it’s pros, the biggest and most obvious being that the baby is monitored constantly and the nurses and doctor are checking up on me and what is going on.

The cons are also pretty obvious: the hospital bed, the hospital food, the lack of my own bed/couch/pillow, the hospital tv, being uncomfortably strapped to different monitoring devices, etc.

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But we’re making the best of it.  Over the weekend Jayce was with his grandparents so we brought my computer, Chris went out and got dinner a movie, he sat in bed with me and we hung out.  And we took this hideous picture, but you’re supposed to look hideous when you’ve been in the hospital constantly, right?

I was in Thursday night, Friday night and Sunday night with contractions.  They kept me overnight Sunday into Monday night, because the baby’s heart rate had dipped, and they need to monitor me for 24 hours whenever that happens.  I also need to come in the next 4 days in a row, for an hour, to be monitored and see if it happens again.  When I came in Tuesday morning for this monitoring it dipped, and then again that night and Wednesday morning, so I won’t leave until Thursday at the earliest.  It has been a long stay.

The very good news, among all of this craziness, is that the baby is doing really well.  Every time that there is a dip in her heart rate, the doctor does an ultrasound to check things out, make sure she still has lots of amniotic fluid, she’s not in distress, etc, and everything has been fine every time.  She has a part of the cord by her hands, and another part by her feet, so they think that she is just grabbing the cord or pressing against it or something, which causes her heart rate to drop, but then it picks back up and all is normal.  There haven’t been any long spells or lots of frequent dips, but anything over 30 seconds warrants being watched, so they’re keeping an eye on her.

The doctor has also changed her mind about giving me the terb for contractions.  She’s worried that I’ve had too much of it too close together, so they want to avoid giving me more.  So what does that mean for the next few weeks?  I’m not sure.  If I’m still pregnant and having these dips in the heart rate at 37 weeks, they’ll induce me.  But since they aren’t stopping the contractions anymore then I might have her before then anyway.

Or everything could calm down and this baby will be full term.  It would be kind of funny if that happened after all of the craziness of the past few weeks, but it’s always a possibility.

Regardless of how or when the labor ends up happening, we’re really thankful that everything is okay.  This is obviously inconvenient, but being inconvenienced is obviously very preferable to there being a big problem with the health of the baby or I.  It seems like all of this monitoring is to rule out a major problem, so for now I’m just grateful to have such good care.



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4 thoughts on “There is No Way This Baby is Going to Cook Peacefully Until June, AKA 35 Weeks

  1. Erin I am so glad that you are able to keep such a great perspective and keep your humor during this hard time! Your little lady will be well worth it, and you'll be able to give her mother guilt her entire life if needed! 😉 love you!

  2. I feel your pain! I'm due June 9th, but have been in and out of the hospital with contractions.. I had the steriod shots at the beginning of April. Those hurt if you aren't having contractions to distract you I found.. I've been on Procardia every day for a few weeks now. Now I'm on bedrest with preeclampsia.. I figure sometime this week I'm probably going to have her. Today I have to do the 24 hour urine collecting.. talk about not fun.. When we get done with all the unfun we are going through to bring our girls in the world safely we totally need a vacation! 🙂 Good luck to you and I hope everything works out for the best no matter when it happens! *HUGSnprayers* 🙂

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