They Get Sick

IMG 5419It has come to my attention since being a parent that kids often have a particular way that sickness manifests itself in each child.  Some kids are highly susceptible to tummy bugs, others  ear/sinus/chest infections, some it’s croup, and many other horrible things to keep your kids on medicine and you up at night.

My kids are the ones that almost never get any sort of tummy bug.  Jayce has one time, Hannah never has had it.  But in seven day’s time they both got sick and both were memorable for non-gory detail reasons.
IMG 5417Poor Jayce got sick at school.  Don’t you just hate that?  Luckily for him it was at the very end of the school day, about five minutes before pickup.  
But unluckily for him it was a ‘fish fingers and chips for lunch’ day, combined with a hot afternoon, a warm classroom, and a jeans day.  It was a recipe for an unhappy stomach and that is what we got.
My poor bud was sick and sick and sick, while the teacher and I stood nearby offering encouragement, tissues, and water.
Hannah went home with some of her friends and I loaded poor Jayce into her stroller and pushed his poor worn out self home.  I made him a bed on the couch where he rested for a bit and perked up considerably as the evening went on.  He ate dinner and jumped on the couch before the night was over.  We’re blaming the fish and chips.

IMG 5360IMG 5361

With Hannah it was our first night in Nottingham this past weekend.  There were five of us so we had to split into two rooms: the three girls in one room and the two boys in the other room.  Which means that Chris did not get to experience Hannah’s random 4 am puking.
She had started off the night in the cot, but I heard her making strange gagging noises and put her in bed with me so I could keep an eye on her and grab her if need be.  And yes, there was a need.
That said, after she was sick she was in the best mood, talking my ear off in the bathtub, and once we were back in bed telling me that we should take a picture of us girls to send to daddy, which we did.  (The above right picture, where neither of us could keep our eyes open for the flash since we were in a pitch black hotel room.)
But you have to love a three year old’s version of being sick, which she told everyone about the next day.
My tummy and my neck made a silly noise, and then the yucky water comed out of my mouth and got all over myself.”
Which is pretty accurate.
And sweet since it only happened once.

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  1. We've been pretty lucky on the stomach issues, too. We've only have one or two incidents but I tell you – vomit is the one thing that made me really question whether this parenting thing is for me. THE WORST! Glad they both made such quick recoveries!!

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