This Morning

Easter 3This morning before school I came downstairs and Jayce was decked out in his Cards gear.  A new U of L hat, U of L t-shirt, and red pajama pants.  He had changed into this as soon as he got up, thinking that it was a Saturday.
He called me into the living room as I was packing his lunch because he wanted to know why we don’t have black lines around our bodies like people do on tv.  He was holding his hand up, inspecting it to see if it had a black line around it.  His mind obviously works differently than mine does before 8 am.  I have no idea what I told him.
Hannah 1Hannah has taken to saying “Suggle me!” this week, meaning snuggle me.  (Jayce used to say “Nuggle me” when he was her age, something that he thinks is so funny now.)  She asks to be suggled when she’s tired, a few times from her crib when she’s not tired enough, yesterday when it was raining and I had forgotten the rain cover for her stroller (and my coat!), and when she’s in trouble.  Last night she poured a whole container of salt all over the table and her lap, and when Chris told her no and lifted her up out of it, she burst into tears and cried “Suggle me!!” which we did as we laughed. 
This morning as we walked home from dropping Jayce off at school, she sang from her stroller, “Choc-o-late o choc-o-late, Eeee iiiiii eeee iiiii oooooooo!!”
I’m with her.  Who needs a farm when you’ve got chocolate?
IMG 1189 Sometimes I feel like I love these two so much that I’m going to burst from it.  
Sometimes life is busy and there isn’t time for a full on blog post.  So here is a slice of the good stuff.