Three Babies, One Christmas Shirt

Baby s first christmas 2015 3When we were preparing to move to London I went through and ruthlessly got rid of almost everything that we owned, including paring down seven tubs of Jayce and Hannah’s “save just in case we have another baby” clothing.  I ended up with one half tub of the most sentimental items.  The coming home outfits, special gifts, the first Halloween costumes, and this Baby’s First Christmas onesie.Baby s first christmas 2015 8Jayce was seven months old for his first Christmas, Hannah was six months old, Michael was three weeks old. 🙂

Luckily I made sure to get pictures of all of my babies in it.STP63793dHfirstchristmas 4dBaby s first christmas 2015 6The first (with Jayce) was the last straw with our old camera, when my harassing Chris for a new camera reached new heights. The pictures with the flash were dreadful (below), and without the flash were super blurry (above). I remember thinking how much I would have loved the above picture of Jayce if only it were clear.STP63799 JPG 1Hfirstchristmas 1Baby s first christmas 2015 1I also can’t help but look around the rest of the room at what is different.

When we took Jayce’s picture, we had only been living in our house for four months and we had just moved back from Scotland so we hadn’t really started decorating or getting the things that we really wanted into the house just yet.  Our tv is sitting on a microwave stand in our living room for crying out loud.  

But Hannah’s pictures look very different because so many of the other things in the picture had changed over the three years between those babies.  Also she was a little less sturdy at sitting, so she is in the Bumbo seat where Jayce is just surrounded by pillows.  Both kids fit into the clothing pretty well though.

In Michael’s photos the whole house is different and he is just a peanut that needs the full support of a bouncy sea.  Actually I struggled to get his face and the tree in the picture because obviously he is fully in the “laying down” stage of things.  His shirt sleeves are rolled up twice,  and the excess shirt is tucked into his pants, and the Santa hat is swallowing his tiny head.  I love it.

And each of these little Christmas babies makes me smile.  STP63797Hfirstchristmas 2Baby s first christmas 2015 3Baby s first christmas 2015 5