Three Year Olds and Mature Conversation

Hannah mirror 1Oh Hannah.  I have brought up our conversations many times before.  Talking with you often makes us smile because of your alarmingly strong British inflection, your sweetly descriptive re-telling of events, and your choice of British words.  But in the past few weeks you have kicked things up a notch by regularly using words that seem a little advanced for your age.  I end up texting your dad in the middle of the day saying things like, “Hannah just used the word ‘otherwise’ in a sentence.”
 Do three year olds usually say otherwise?  I don’t feel like they do.  Actually I was a little more startled that you used it correctly.

Hannah paint 1Many times the words that catch me off guard are your choice descriptors.
Jayce, you’re fabulous.
That looks fantastic!
Oh my!!  What is my hippo doing there?
It appears that your vocabulary is as vibrant as your personality.
Hannah ballerina 1Of course sometimes you use phrases in ways that don’t make sense.  But I think you still get an A for effort.
Mom, if I were you, I’m taking my coat off.
Okay.  Thanks Hannah.
Kids eating 1Your brother is often the recipient of your most hilarious (to us) chatter.
The other night Jayce yelled from bed, “Mo-om, Hannah won’t stop…” and then something I couldn’t make out.
I went upstairs to investigate.  You were pointing your Dream Lite Pillow in Jayce’s face, and every time that he asked you to turn it off, you replied, “But Jayce, when the lights go out, the Dream Lite goes on.”  Which is the Dream Lite tag line from the commercial.
Your dad and I have been laughing about that one for two weeks now.
Dream lite 1I went to your parent/ teacher conference the other night.  To start off, your teacher said,
Oh Hannah is just the sweetest little thing!  Everyone loves her.  She participates in all of the activities, and you can tell that her mind is just always processing because the things that she says make you realize that she is often paying more attention than you’d think.  (Pause)  She can be a bit cheeky though sometimes, can’t she?
Yes.  Yes she can.

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  1. I just had to say that I laughed out loud at this entire post. I have a very articulate almost 3-year-old and I think that she and Hannah would get along swimmingly. I have actually now retold the DreamLite story to several friends and it continues to make me laugh. You write about your children in a way that is so charming and I just love hearing about their adventures and conversations. No real point to this comment other than to say thanks for putting this out in the world. I really enjoy your blog! All my best from across the sea. Sarah

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