To My Local Library, In Light of Your Recent Rejection of My Son for Story Time

Dear library,

I was very disappointed this morning when I called to sign Jayce up for story time, and you told me that there were “no more spots.”

When you said that there were “no more spots,” did you mean that you have no more chairs? Because I have a lawn chair. So don’t worry about the whole “spots” thing, because Jayce and I will be just fine in our lawn chair on Tuesday.

I understood when you say that you need to limit the amount of kids, as to keep better control of the group. When I say that “I understood,” what I mean is that I literally understood the words. What you may not understand is that I have been to story time many times when there is this limited amount of kids, and by no means is the group under control. I think this is going to go without saying since it is a group of babies age 6 months-2 years.

I remember when I first came to the library and you gave me a tour, inquired as to the age of my then 4 month old baby, and told me that once he was 6 months old he could attend story time. When he reached this age and was signed up, you explained how I should call and notify you if Jayce was unable to attend on any given week. I thought at the time that perhaps you took your job just a little too seriously, since this is a free program put on by the local library, and Jayce wasn’t actually receiving college credit for attending the 20 minute session. But I agreed to the rules anyway.

Thank you ever so much for putting me on your waiting list, behind those other few that you kindly assured me would not be able to attend either. I will mentally change my Tuesday at 10 am plans to a question mark for the next 6 weeks, and eagerly anticipate your call to let me know that a spot has freed up. Or, if you would rather just tell me in person, I’ll be a few aisles over, during story time, clapping and singing along with my baby.

2 thoughts on “To My Local Library, In Light of Your Recent Rejection of My Son for Story Time

  1. I LOVE IT!!! I was just there today and one of the ladies firmly told Owen to get off of the table. He had one butt-cheek on the table, trying to reach the puzzle that was on the other side of the table. You know, a real accident could have occurred there since I WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!!

    Thanks for the laugh!!

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