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Today I was marveling at one of Jayce’s toys that is just amazing, and it made me think about a few other products that I am just so glad someone invented. I’m sure that there are many more baby products that I love and will think of as soon as I post this, but for now here are my top three baby “things.”

Baby Mum Mums. Aside from the really stupid name, they’re perfect. They are thin-as-a-wafer rice cakes and Jayce has been eating them since he was about 6 months old or so. I love them because they are so easy! They’re mess free: no crumbs, no stickiness and no little pieces to pick up (like puffs), so a good option for the car seat. If we’re out somewhere they’ll keep Jayce quiet and appeased. Also, they are so light that they don’t ruin his meals and aren’t a choking hazard. I think they are moderately healthy, or at least not unhealthy, which counts for something.

A sleepsack. We have been using one of these since Jayce was too big for swaddling and they are perfect. Since we put Jayce down while he’s still awake, and he likes to do a little light gymnastics before bed, it ensures that whenever he does eventually settle down that he will be covered and warm throughout the night.

This air ball popper thing. (Sorry, too lazy to look up the name, it was hard enough to find a pic without knowing the name of the product!) Anyway, push the button and a light flow of air pops the balls out the spout at the top, and they roll back down the ramp if not intercepted by baby. This is such a fun little toy that Jayce never passes up on, and I think that anything that can keep a 1 year old’s attention for 15 minutes deserves mentioning. This is the toy that inspired this post, as this morning, like every other time it is within his line of vision, he toddled over, hit the button, and giggled and clapped as soon as it started.

Does anybody else have any favorites worth sharing?

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  1. I must try these mum-mum's they sound perfect! I have to say so far our favorites have been Munchkin's pacy clips, the Loopapalooza, and baby orajel 🙂 thank goodness for that.

  2. I love this post! I should tell you that Owen still loves that ball popping thing, so hopefully it will serve you well for years to come! And I've never heard of mum-mums! So thanks for that tip! I have a new nephew on the way! 🙂

    I thought I'd give you three of our favorites for the next stage of boyhood you're approaching.

    Pool noodles cut in half: they are great swords. No one gets hurt (as long as there aren't any direct hits to the face.) And it gives boys an outlet for all that "boy-ness."

    Schleich animals: they're basically just little animal figures. They don't move or do anything fancy, but Owen's enjoyed setting them up and playing with them since he was 18 months old. He still plays with them daily. And they're one of those toys that, even if you accumulate some, they all fit in a nice little box. (We've got tons of them and they're in two small tubs under the bed.)Plus they sell them lots of different places, Target, Tractor Supply, etc., and they're fairly inexpensive.

    The last one is from Ikea. The Barnslig towel with hood (Not the baby one, but the striped one.) I bought these kind of on a whim and now I'm completely in love with them. They pull over the kids' heads so, when we go to the pool, they can be wrapped up in their towels but they're not dragging the towels on the ground. (Maybe that's just a pet peeve of mine?) They also snap on the sides for armholes and the hood snaps off. As far as I'm concerned, it's the perfect towel for swimming.

    Sorry this was so lengthy! I look forward to any more that you come up with!

  3. I love Mum mums. I discovered them one day while wondering around Walmart and called my sister and told her to go buy them. Foster loved them!

    I also love the Schleich animals Amanda mentioned. Grayden spent hour sitting and playing with these and the best part, they don't make any noise! Foster is now a fan so its cute to see them play with them together.

    Another favorite of mine for the older years is pipe cleaners. These little things kept Grayden entertained for a while and I loved it because he was using his imagination to make things. They kept him occupied in the car on long trips (without making a mess!).

  4. incase you didn't figure it out, that last comment was from me, Cristin, not Justin. I didn't realize I was logged in as him. oops…

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