Tough Guy

Jayce is at the point now where he is picking up new tricks every week. A lot them are imitations of us: coughing if we cough, screaming at Chris’ prompting, raspberries of course, and in general just making noises at us to try to get a response. Last week he started doing this tough guy face: eyebrows furrowed, chin set, lips pursed, arms out, and rapid in and out breaths through the nose. Even though it is funny and cute, I do kind of feel like my son is trying to punk me out whenever he does it.

Anyway, we were at a hotel with a full length mirror over the weekend and I plopped Jayce down in front of it to see how he would respond to this “other baby.” He first just kept making that face at himself, then moved in to try to get the baby in his mouth, cried briefly when he headbutted the mirror in the process, and eventually moved in slower towards the mirror for kisses. The game was over once he realized I was sitting there next to him and started trying to get the camera, but luckily I got numerous shots before he did so. I love love love this new camera!!