This Halloween with Jayce was much more fun than last year now that he is old enough to participate in some of the festivities.  But since he is still too young to have a class to take treats to, we took cookies to Chris’ class instead.  So on the Friday before Halloween, the little monkey and myself headed up to LCU towards the end of class to deliver some goodies.


I had made thumbprint cookies and Jayce stood at the front of the classroom and handed them out one by one to the students.  I was actually pretty surprised by this.  I thought that as soon as I showed him the cookies that he would start stuffing them in his mouth, but I think that all of the students looking at him made him a little nervous, so he was happy to have a task to take his mind off of it.


I saw this sign as Jayce was passing out the cookies.  Whoops.


After all of the students left, we let Jayce have a cookie too.  At first he just kept picking it up and handing it back to us-the boy was focused on his task!  But once he took a bite there was no stopping him.


My boys, begrudgingly posing for me.  We did this last year as well, and I posted the picture here.  I just can’t believe how much bigger Jayce is, but I guess that is how it goes now.

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